Paid media platforms such as Google, Facebook & Bing offer an exceptional way to reach to your targeted audience. Using those platforms, one can not only create brand awareness but can also generate qualified leads and get conversions.

Usually, we look at the top metrics while analyzing the performance of our campaigns. Is the cost per clicks low? How many conversions did we get? How many impressions did we receive, but if you look beyond the top metrics, there lies the original picture. Getting the audience to click on your ad is one thing, but what we really get from the leads, in the longer run, should be our main objective.

When you start thinking about the long term, you actually start digging deep and often find yourself where very few ever cared to reach. It’s one thing that you get a good return on your investment from one campaign, but it’s entirely different thing to actually utilize those leads in the longer run. In the other words, you should be focusing on the lifetime value of the leads rather than temporary gains.

For example, you started a Facebook ad campaign which got your page more likes and engagement than you expected. But if you are doing nothing to retain the attention your page received, then all the efforts and money will go in vain.

Start focusing on the post-click experience

Your call to action determines which sales funnel would be better for the potential customers because it’s never “one size fits all”. You have to set a specific line which your users can follow and you have to test it out and ensure that it’s working well before you launch the campaign.

  • If you have chosen phone call as a call to action, make sure that you have enough manpower to handle the calls. Also, you want to make sure that only the trained professionals are answering the calls because if they will be unable to provide information instantly, the customer will not take the next step. Also, the wait time should be a minimum and it should be human on the other end of the phone if you really want that click to convert into an actual sale.
  • If the call to action is “Email”, then make sure that you have a proven and tested email marketing strategy in place. Getting people to open a promotional or any sales related email is a tough task, but it can be done by employing a good strategy, using compelling copies and engaging images.
  • If we are directly trying to get the sales, make sure that item is available. Also, if they leave the site after adding the product to cart, reach out to them via email. It will drastically increase your chances. Even if they make the initial purchase, stay in touch with your customer via email or social media.

As mentioned earlier, the top level metrics are just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want your paid campaign to be successful, you must ensure that everything, from the start to beginning is synchronized to perfection.


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